Following through….

An inability to follow through…. The story of my life. Do you know how many times I have started a post and not finished it, started a diet program or workout regimen and not seen it through to the end. Quite sad!!! Yesterday, the most annoying thing happened. A friend of mine calls me up or was it bb’d me…not sure. Anyway, she contacted me and told me to check out this website So I carried my two left hands (hehehe!) and logged onto the website and tada…it’s a healthy, fresh, organic restaurant that delivers smoothies, real fruit juices, salads and other healthy stuff to customers. I wasn’t sure whether to cry or rejoice. It was what you would call a bitter-sweet feeling. Why bitter you might ask. Bitter because I had a similar idea that I wanted to implement. I had been singing this idea into friends and family’s ears. But as you guessed right, I never followed through. Now some smart chick or guy is going to make a killing off all the “healthy eating devotees.” On a brighter note, there is someone that’s making smoothies, fruit juices and salads at an affordable price… YAYY!! Maybe if I had followed through on my idea, I would be the pioneer person today. But as my people will say nothing spoil. Let’s just support this lady or guy. I will start my own bit by telling you about it…

It’s a new delivery style restaurant that prides itself on being able to provide a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable juice & smoothies, exciting salads, and delicious sandwiches in a relatively timely manner. They are based out of Lagos. Not sure if they are outside Lagos at the moment. I must admit, I had to try something off the menu to give my own little review. I ordered something called a “Zinger” under the Juice Blend menu. It’s all natural juice (i hope o) made from grapefruit, orange and lemon with a hint of ginger. I know ginger is supposed to be good for you but nah men…I didn’t want any ginger in my juice so I asked them to take that out. They complied (a thumb up for skinnyfresh for being flexible). I also ordered a smoothie called “Loco Banana.” It’s yoghurt based smoothie with banana and pineapple. I usually don’t like yoghurt in my smoothies because I can never tell if it is organic yoghurt or not besides regular yoghurt makes the smoothie too rich for me. Anyway, the smoothie was scrumptious…loved it! So far so good, but I am not sure I am going to be a frequent orderer. But I would suggest you try skinny fresh. If not for anything, support the owner :).

Anyway, what this has thought me is the importance of following things through. I may or may not have been the one starting this business today but at least I would have tried and failed. This got me thinking, however, about how many things I start and never follow through with. This is the fifth time or so that I have attempted to start a blog, this is the 100th time that I have started a weight loss plan and didn’t follow it through. I am frustrated and out of solutions.

Anyway, I guess you don’t change a decade old habit in a few weeks or thereabout. You just keep trying until you succeed and that my friends is what I am going to keep doing…toodles


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